Education Services

Mundo360 Immigration Consultancy is happy to offer you our Education Services. We can help you to apply for a program or language course.

Temporary Residence

Mundo360 specializes in helping foreign nationals to get a Temporary Residence in Canada: Study Permit, Work Permit or Visitor Visa.

Permanent Residence

Mundo360 Immigration Consultancy is experienced in helping our clients to obtain Permanent Residence in Canada. We specialize in the Economic class of immigrants as well as the Family class.


Mundo360 Immigration Consultancy is a regulated Immigration firm, based in Ontario, Canada. We are committed to helping you achieve your immigration goals. Whether that be through visiting, studying, school placement, temporary work, or permanent residency; our mission is to assist you in choosing the best option based on your personal interests and future goals in Canada.

With every service we provide, we are focused on honesty, integrity, and empathy. Mundo360 is founded by an immigrant who knows first-hand what this experience is like, and how to best help you accomplish what you’re looking to gain in Canada.

As professional Immigration Consultants, we are here to show you the right path to live out your own dreams with compassionate and knowledgeable guidance. Reach out today to get the process started!

Benjamin Castro

Visit Canada

Visit your friends or relatives as a tourist

Study in Canada

Apply for an academic program in the college

Work in Canada

Obtain a job offer from a Canadian Employer

Immigrate to Canada

Become a permanent resident of Canada


Applying for a permanent residency or a work permit in Canada, applicants must prove their language skills by meeting minimum language requirements. However, even an applicant meets the requirement, visa officers can reject applications. The application of an Indian citizen who applied for temporary residence and a work permit as a long-haul truck driver in British Columbia has been denied since the Canadian visa officers have not been convinced that the applicant had the language skills necessary to adequately perform the work.


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Is Mundo360 a licensed immigration consulting firm?

Yes, we are a Canadian immigration company, located in Toronto, Ontario. Our company is led by a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (R530441) F. Benjamin Castro.

Do you provide guarantees that I will move to Canada?

Immigration consultants charge clients for their services, not for the result. The government of Canada makes all decisions related to your application. Those who guarantee 100% visa approval are unreliable and may be guilty of fraud.

Can I pay after arriving in Canada?

No, unfortunately, contingency billing is not allowed in the immigration consulting industry.

Please tell us what help do you need?

Fill in our contact form and a member of our team will contact you shortly.